• DER SHOP IST GESCHLOSSEN! WIR MACHEN EINE PAUSE! Für Catering Anfragen und Gastronomen eine Mail an bestellung@fonduelivery.de - Wir antworten dann schnellstmöglich! // ALLE NEUIGKEITEN IM NEWSLETTER - JETZT ABONNIEREN! //

Dear Cheesus community,

times change - so do we. Our beloved Cheesus project strikes a new path. We enjoyed every single moment with you on the ground. Every fucking drop!! Big thanks to our beloved cheesus family, all the fans who enjoyed the drip, and all promoters for putting us in the spotlight.

You might perceive the naming and look of cheesus elsewhere in the foodyverse - we leave it like this: NO BAD VIBES BUT PRIDE. Please note - we have no traffic with this new project and leave its judgement open to you.

BUT don't be afraid about loosing weight, WE GOT YOU COVERED!! We started a new thing during the pandemic, which we carried in our minds way before the Gorillas, Flinks and Getirs arrived on our streets.

Let us introduce you to the new hot pot strategy. From now on, you can order the best blendings and chunks of cheese at www.fonduelivery.de

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD and SUPPORT YOUR TRUSTED DEALERSHIP: move over to @fonduelivery.de since we will close the Cheesus Instagram channel on Christmas eve (Cheesus, what an irony).

S.T.I.L.L. A.A.M.C. Fancy a candle light Raclette or the cheesiest fondue party for your friends? Feel free to scroll through the new products, get your orders placed and hear it rattle at the door. Okay it's not (yet) the common 15min rush, but on a weekly schedule (Fridays!) we deliver the pot and collect your happy faces.

All the way up! Yours truly, Cheesus Crust, Piece Love and Unity.

ps. We're happy to receive all catering and special project requests on: bestellung@fonduelivery.de

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